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If you want to learn Spanish because you simply like it or out of necessity for your everyday life, this is the course for you. Spanish is the second most used language in the world this means that if you can speak Spanish you can pretty much go anywhere in the world and be able to communicate with someone.

Now, we can't promise you that you will learn the language whilst having fun and playing games. If you want to learn Spanish, you do have to study a little bit, you might also be sent homework. If you don't do your homework, that's your responsibility, because you are an adult at the end of the day. What we can promise however, is that we will talk about current issues, that you are interested in and that will be useful in your day to day, that we won't only stick to the textbook and that you will laugh from time to time. This may sound boring, but people do come back again and again because apparently, they have fun. 

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