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Ana, the founder of the company, has over 22 years of work experience in the world of filming, the arts, corporate events, team-building facilitation and recruitment. She has worked in England, Spain, Italy and Norway. During her time in recruitment, in which she specialized in museums and galleries, she not only helped people to find work in London best art venues, but she also helped candidates with:

                                   - CV writing

                                   - Cover letters 

                                   - Application forms  

                                   - Interview skills

                                   - Presentations

                                   - Career advice   

With this in mind, she has enough knowledge about the creative sector and the job market at large to help those people that want to work or study in an English-speaking environment. Although nowadays  Ana doesn't work in recruitment anymore, she does help people with all the skills listed above in order for them to get their next job.

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