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Ana, the company founder has experience working with the following industries:

-Theatre, film and television (all aspects of set and costume design)
-Event management
-Business change management team building facilitation
-Corporate travel hosting/interpreting and translating
-Catering for hotels, pubs and restaurants
-Recruitment for museums, galleries, auction houses, restoration companies and visitor attractions 


Having worked in such a wide range of fields, she has a very good understanding of the type of language used in business communication. Since becoming an English teacher she taught business English for the following industries:

-Advertising and film production 
-Real estate developers
-Law firms
-IT companies
-Oil and gas companies
-Medical services
-Airport staff
-Food and beverage
-Architecture studios 
-Fashion design companies 


In her lessons, there is plenty of conversation practice and humour if and when possible. Business is human, which people often forget.

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