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Hi, my name is Ana, I am the founder of Adult English & Spanish Only. Over the last 22 years the majority of my professional career has involved working directly and indirectly with the arts and languages. I have lived and worked in Italy, Norway and the UK, and I am currently living and working in Spain which is where I was born.

My mother is English and my father is Spanish, I was spoken to in both languages from the day I was born and therefore I am fully bilingual. I also speak a little bit of French and basic Italian. Moreover, I have often worked as an English and Spanish translator and interpreter. This means that when I am teaching I can often relate to the struggles students might have when learning the language. It also means, that if there is a word that they simply can't understand, I will be able to translate it for them into their mother tongue (but this is only in extreme cases). 

I have taught English and Spanish for many years, helping people who were looking to improve their language skills for personal and professional reasons. In 2016, I did a CELTA course (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in order to travel and be able to teach in other countries. I have since then acquired a lot of experience teaching languages for general, business, specific use and exam preparation for adults. 

The concept of Adult English & Spanish Only has been created to serve those people who want something different, who take their studies seriously and don't only want to learn a language, but they also want to learn about themselves as a human being.

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